Flexible Billing Options

Choose the subscription plan that fits your family and learning schedule.

At Love Math Club, we aim to keep things simple. One credit covers one appointment and scheduling is flexible! For families with multiple students, we allow you to use the same account for everyone, so credits can be shared among siblings.

It’s productive to establish regular appointment times. Having a weekly plan is good. That said, most students need the flexibility to reschedule and cancel appointments. That’s why we operate with a session credit system: to adapt to your schedule and simplify the billing process.

Choose the subscription billing option that fits your family and learning schedule:

Monthly Billing: Cancel at any time and enjoy greater flexibility when managing your subscription. This is perfect for short-term test prep tutoring and semester-long math classes.

Annual Billing: Enjoy the same high-quality tutoring experience at a lower cost. Annual subscribers can access exclusive discounted session rates with predictable payments.

Monthly Billing

(4) Tutoring Credits Per Month

  • Weekly Tutoring
  • Month-to-Month Plan
  • Enjoy Greater Flexibility

Annual Billing

(48) Tutoring Credits Per Year

  • Weekly Tutoring
  • Full Year-Long Plan
  • Save $600/year

Prices Also Include:

  • Learning Resources. Every student will receive an unlimited IXL Math membership ($79 value), which is a comprehensive resource filled with sample questions and scenarios for every grade level.
  • Digital Tools. The free USB graphics tablet and writing pen ($20 value) make it easy to get the most out of the interactive whiteboard feature in our digital tutoring classroom.
  • Unlimited Access. Students can consult their tutor by email or text whenever they’re stuck, so questions and confusion don’t have to wait until scheduled appointments.
  • Replay & Review. Tutoring whiteboard notes and video sessions can be downloaded as a PDF and replayed to review at a later date and double-check answers.
  • Schedule Anytime. Your credits are redeemable for 12 months after purchase. Book a recurring weekly appointment time, or contact your tutor whenever the need arises.

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