Frequently Asked Questions

We certainly don’t have all the answers, but here are a few things to know.

We typically suggest regular weekly appointments in most circumstances. However, it’s not uncommon to schedule meetings twice-weekly or more during stressful periods. Consistent tutoring is highly effective for turning things around, getting on a more solid foundation, and staying there.

Love Math Club utilizes cutting-edge WizIQ online classroom software, which allows us to talk ‘face to face’ through high-definition video conferencing and collaborate on digital whiteboards. We also include a free OSU Tablet Graphics USB (4 x 2.23 Inches) graphics tablet and digital pen at sign-up, which makes it easy for students to write and collaborate, just like normal paper. Plus, all whiteboard notes and session recordings are saved, so students can review them later! In many ways, tutoring works even more effectively in a virtual classroom than an in-person meetup.

Check out the live tutoring demonstration on our Services page to see exactly how it works.

We all wish making good grades was easy as pie. In the past, we’ve witnessed an average of 10% or full-letter-grade improvements in committed students who engage in weekly or twice-weekly tutoring. That said, we do not make any specific guarantees, and we are not miracle workers. If there is any room for academic improvement, we will do everything we can to help your student. Their success will mostly result from their own hard work.

They might do a fine job, but the truth is – tutoring is both an art and a discipline. Love Math Club tutors are nationally certified with professional training and know best-practice strategies to aid learning. We aren’t just academic experts; we also know how to connect with kids, analyze learning challenges, reinforce study skills, and more. Plus, with a certified tutor, you don’t have to worry about accidental (or intentional) plagiarism and honor code violations that could jeopardize your child’s academic future.

We teach over months and years, not minutes or hours. At Love Math Club, we’re committed to building long-term relationships with students and taking the time to get to know their goals and learning styles. Our highly-trained tutors are just as invested in building confidence and character as we are answering complex math questions and boosting GPAs.

Yes, we record all sessions for transparent record-keeping and training purposes. You and your child are welcome to view the recordings from past sessions at any time.

We have found that 60-minute tutoring sessions are the ideal length for most middle and high school students. To simplify billing and scheduling, we book all tutoring sessions for one hour and count them as one full credit. Your membership includes flexible credits to schedule sessions.

Our virtual classroom is like Skype or FaceTime with a whiteboard. It works best with a laptop or desktop computer equipped with speakers, a microphone, and a camera, but it’s possible to use a tablet or mobile device. Most of our students use the Google Chrome browser without any issues.

Yes, since all whiteboard notes and session recordings are saved, students can review them later for reinforcement. Many students find it a helpful resource to download the expert-crafted notes as a PDF file, especially when preparing for a quiz or test in class.

Our tutors are highly qualified with advanced study in college-level math. Additionally, all tutors are rigorously vetted, background checked and certified. Beyond the on-paper credentials, our tutors are down-to-earth and friendly, like an older sibling who understands the unique challenges of middle or high school. Our friendly tutors aim to help students build confidence through middle and high school while also improving academics.

Every student at Love Math Club receives a full membership with IXL Math. Our tutors use it as a supplementary learning resource to give personalized skill recommendations aligned to standards. It helps to determine exactly what your student knows while showing the next step toward mastering a topic. The real-time analytics provide insight that helps to address trouble spots and knowledge gaps.

Visit www.IXL.com/Math to learn more and try a few practice problems.

You can schedule and utilize your family’s tutoring session credits whenever you’d like. The flexible scheduling system makes it easy to plan out weeks in advance or even schedule a session for that afternoon. Monthly subscription credits expire at the end of the month and annual credits can be redeemed at any time during the year. Our tutors are available Sunday through Thursday from 11 AM to 11 PM for scheduled appointments.

Click here to schedule your appointment.

Need to cancel or reschedule your appointment? No problem. Please notify us at least four hours prior to the appointment by clicking the “Cancel or Reschedule” link in your appointment confirmation email. Student no-shows and last-minute cancellations (within 4 hours of the appointment) are charged as normal, costing one credit per session. Tutors are expected to be on time for all tutoring appointments.

We’re committed to your student’s success! Please contact us directly within 30 days of service for a full or partial refund, depending on the circumstance. If we aren’t able to deliver adequate results, we’ll do our part to make it right.

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