The 4 Ways People Disconnect From Learning

Most school teachers prefer to learn differently than the rest of us do. Only 18% of people prefer to learn in “teacher mode.”  Unfortunately, this frequently causes the majority of students to become disconnected and give up on educational pursuits, while only a small fraction of the population truly engages with the organized structure of formal schooling. I’m not talking about “learning styles” …

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Building skills and confidence that last a lifetime

As a professional tutor, I am committed to improving measurable learning outcomes for each and every student I encounter. That’s why I use cutting-edge educational technology such as the IXL Learning platform. This software generates unlimited practice questions for 7,000+ skills, adapting to students as they grow through consistent practice. Here’s what a question looks like: Currently used …

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Operation Varsity Blues: Is This Different than Donating a Building?

Operation Varsity Blues, nicknamed by the FBI, has garnered national attention since the indictment was released on March 12th. The college admissions scandal has sent shockwaves nationwide and sparked a deeper debate about how classism impacts elite college admissions. There are numerous security measures in place for standardized assessments to prevent cheating on exams, but …

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The Light Bulb Moment (1:42)

“Light bulb moments” are the best part of my job as a tutor. Imagine how a light bulb illuminates a dark room once you switch it on. A personal revelation of a new concept suddenly illuminates one’s understanding in the same way. The most satisfying light bulb moments usually happen after many previous attempts to do …

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How to Find the Slope

You’re in for a challenge today! Don’t worry, you can do it. Take a look at this graph of a line on a coordinate plane: You can measure x and y from the reference lines called the x-axis and y-axis. Now tell me, what is the slope of the graph? Remember the formula for slope: The variables x and y represent two quantities that have a linear relationship. The slope …

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Is Two Prime?

In everyday life, we count things using positive whole numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Math nerds like me call these natural numbers. A prime number is a particular type of natural number. Every natural number greater than 1 is either prime or composite. The blue squares below represent every prime number between 2 and 100.     To answer …

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