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Our Story

Hi! I’m Dawson, the founder of Love Math Club. Most tutors probably won’t tell you this, but I want to be real. Trust me, everyone has ‘hit the wall’ at least once and reached the point when math stopped making sense! No matter how hard I tried, and no matter how many hours I put into it, I felt like I would never figure out collegiate multivariable calculus. After struggling alone through the course, my confidence was shattered, and so was my nearly-perfect GPA.

Then, I met a peer tutor who helped me turn things around! He saw my abilities, even when I couldn’t, and his belief in me was life-changing. By simply taking the time to explain things in a new way, concepts started to really make sense. My tutor was unrelenting and optimistic in all the right ways. As I learned, I was also building confidence to really believe that I could master concepts. Things finally clicked! I used my second chance to ace the class and discovered my passion for tutoring in the process.

Today, I’m proud to pass on the same life-changing support for students across the country. Love Math Club isn’t just about practice problems and study skills; we teach a growth mindset to believe that you can learn and master anything. Whether your child has always struggled with math, is taking on an extra-difficult subject, or just lacks the confidence to love math, we can help.

Dawson Riggs, Love Math Club Founder, NTA Certified Professional Tutor

Our Style

At Love Math Club:

  • We meet students where they are.
  • We build long-term, down-to-earth relationships.
  • We embrace different learning styles.
  • We set realistic, challenging goals.
  • We explain and demonstrate many different ways.
  • We use technology to teach without barriers.
  • We instill a growth mindset to build confidence.
  • We teach over months and years, not minutes or hours.

Our Specialty

Can’t anyone be a tutor? If you understand the material, it should be easy to teach it, right? Not necessarily. Your next-door neighbor’s straight-A student might be able to help with a casual group study session, but tutoring is both an art and a discipline. Love Math Club tutors are certified with the National Tutoring Association, which guarantees that your child’s tutor is:

  • up-to-date on best-practice training.
  • equipped with relevant, targeted skills.
  • committed to upholding the code of ethics.
  • trained to lessen and resolve tutor-student conflict.
  • specifically trained in tutoring, not just the subject area.
  • aware of honor code and plagiarism guidelines.
  • prepared to offer referrals for learning disabilities, if needed.
  • committed to maintaining a serious, professional attitude.
  • compliant with current professional standards.
  • delivering the highest-quality, measurable services.

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