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Certified tutors work one-on-one with students to deepen learning and expedite homework time.

Build Confidence

With Love Math Club, your child can walk into every project deadline, test, or quiz with confidence!

Reach Goals

Build a strong math foundation for the future and maintain a high GPA for college applications.

Welcome to the Club

Busy students typically don’t have enough time to learn alone, and sometimes the motivation to learn isn’t enough. With a private math tutor, students can make faster progress, raise their grades, and finally fall in love with math, even if it’s a difficult subject.

Love Math Club is available for grades 6 through 12 to help students build a strong math foundation in middle school and achieve high academic marks in high school, looking toward college and the future. We use guided problem-solving, virtual whiteboard demonstrations, and new ways of explaining difficult concepts for deeper understanding.

No Traveling Required

You can forget about spending hours each week driving your child to a brick-and-mortar tutoring spot, putting miles on your car, costing you gas money and blowing your budget on cappuccinos at the local coffee shop. Rest assured: you can log in and learn from the convenience of home, or anywhere with an internet connection.

NTA Certified Tutors

There is no such thing as a brief explanation on how to tutor effectively. Certification with the National Tutoring Association, the oldest and largest professional association dedicated exclusively to tutoring, provides concrete proof that all tutors have had consistent, practical training.

500+ Sessions Booked

The art and discipline of tutoring require exposure to the multiple aspects of teaching and learning. Our excellent tutors have honed their skills over several years of extensive experience with a specific tutoring process. We have witnessed countless students succeed, and we know you can do it, too.

Three Steps to Love Math

1) Nice to Meet You.

Fill out the intake questionnaire to get started. We’ll schedule an introductory call to discuss your needs and find a time to virtually meet your child with a free sample tutoring session!

2) Get Your Starter Pack.

Every student will receive a free, unlimited IXL Math membership along with a USB graphics tablet with a digital writing pen to maximize success in our digital tutoring classroom.

3) Let's Start Learning!

Tutoring credits can be redeemed at any time. Easily schedule your online tutoring sessions for the same time every week or get help on a more flexible schedule whenever your child needs it.

The key to good tutoring is good assessment.

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Hi! I’m Dawson, the founder of Love Math Club. Most tutors probably won’t tell you this, but I want to be real. Trust me, everyone has ‘hit the wall’ at least once and reached the point when math stopped making sense!

No matter how hard I tried, and no matter how many hours I put into it, I felt like I would never figure out collegiate multivariable calculus. After struggling alone through the course, my confidence was shattered, and so was my nearly-perfect GPA.

Luckily, I discovered the key to success when I needed it most! If you don’t know what that is, the answer might surprise you!

We use cutting-edge online tutoring software to connect with students across the country

Beyond the Numbers

Real testimonials from happy parents, teachers, and students:

"Dawson, thank you so much for your help with my kid last night! She said you've been really terrific in explaining everything. She certainly feels more confident going into her test today! Much appreciated."
Danyel H.
Parent of Three Busy Teenagers
"Dawson is the best tutor ever! Thank you for working with my students this semester!"
Tracy R.
Middle School Math Teacher
"My daughter got a 94 on her final and pulled an A for the huge thank you for last weekend!!!"
Vivian G.
Parent of a 9th-Grade Student
"I was skeptical about having an online tutor, but working with Dawson turned out to be great! He is approachable, accessible, fun and patient. I found that my understanding of math problems became more clear after working through them with Dawson. His encouragement and consistency was a very helpful support system for me as I trudged through Calculus. I would certainly recommend Dawson’s tutoring service to anyone, anywhere."
Successful High School Graduate
"Just wanted you to know that Amber passed her real estate exam this past week. I know you were an important part of her success, so I wanted you to know about it. Thank you for your hard work."
Brad S.
Parent of a Newly-Licensed Real Estate Agent
"The test was good! I got a 100!"
High School Freshman
"Thanks so much for the time you put into my son. His 3rd quarter math grade was a solid 94!!! I think your help has made all the difference this year and he loves the results :)"
Alison R.
Parent of an 8th-Grader

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