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What others are saying

We have over three years of experience with coaching students to achieve their full academic potential and to finally start loving mathematics!

Alison R.

Parent of an 8th-Grade Student

Thanks so much for the time you put into my son. His 3rd quarter math grade was a solid 94!!! I think your help has made all the difference this year and he loves the results 🙂

Tracy R.

Middle School Math Teacher

Dawson is the best tutor ever! Thank you for working with my students this semester!

Vivian G.

Parent of a 9th-Grade Student

My daughter got a 94 on her final and pulled an A for the huge thank you for last weekend!!!

Claire N.

11th-Grade High School Student

I was skeptical about having an online tutor, but working with Dawson turned out to be great! He is approachable, accessible, fun and patient. I found that my understanding of math problems became more clear after working through them with Dawson. His encouragement and consistency was a very helpful support system for me as I trudged through Calculus. I would certainly recommend Dawson’s tutoring service to anyone, anywhere.

Math Mastery

Unlike many students who struggle to survive math class, you will develop strong foundational skills that prepare the way for success.

Study Skills

We partner with students and parents to create personalized systems for note-taking, finishing homework, and studying for quizzes and tests.

Great Grades

Your hard work finally pays off when you get a great final progress report card. Parents, students, and teachers all jump for joy!

Ready to finally love math?